How To Do Weight-Free Exercises for Seniors

Are there any exercises for seniors? Is there a way to turn back the clock to your "once youthful fit" self? Yes?

I'm glad you asked that question.
These weight free exercises can help you a big way.
That is if you combine it with sensible eating.You are on your way. But there is another topic for another time and another place.

Are you ready to get started?

Here are 6 weight-free(body-weight) exercises.

Let us strengthen the body.

We will start with...

1.Arm Circles.
This simple looking exercise strengthens and wakes your shoulders up. It is easy to do.
You do not need any equipment to do it.

Here is how to do it. Stand with your hips apart. Next, you bring both arms out to the side. Keep your fingers and thumbs close. Palms facing the floor.

Check that the left and right shoulders are level. Use a mirror if you need to check if it is level. Now start making small circles. Make 20 small circles.
Rotate slowly. You will feel your shoulders strengthening.

Next, your palms facing the ceiling. Make 20 small circles.

All done?

The next exercise is...

2.The step up and calf raises combo.
This exercise strengthen the legs.
Go grab a chair or a box or a stool.
First, start with your left leg. Land on the chair or stool with only your left forefoot.
And follow by your right leg.  Now with both legs on the chair.

Lift your body only using your calves.
Hold for a few seconds and then reverse the motion by using your right leg and then your left leg.

That is one rep.

Do 10-20 reps.

The next exercises for seniors is...

3.Chair Push Up.
The push up is an excellent exercise for building strong chest,shoulder,upper back and arms.
The regular push up is usually done on the floor and it is usually more difficult for beginner and those who stopped exercising for a long time.

The chair push is an easier version for beginner.  

How do you do push-ups on the chair?
First, place both hands on the edge or the side of the chair. Rest your toes on the floor.

Next,keep your arms straight,lower your chest as you exhale until it is an inch off the chair.
Lastly,inhale as you raise your chest back to the starting position. Make sure that your arm are straightened.
Before you begin the next rep.
Do 20 of this.

The next exercises for seniors...
This exercise is great for strong legs. This makes it ideal for building lower body fitness.

How do you do lunges? First, move both arms out to the sides.  Look forward, slowly lower your left leg until it is at 90 degrees.

Your right knee must never touch the floor. It should be at 90 degrees. Hold for a beat. Now raise your body by straighten your left leg.

Next, you do the same move for your right leg.  
Do 10-20 reps.

5.The Plank.
This is a safe exercise for building strong abs and back.
How do you to do it?

Get down on the floor on all fours. Rest your forearms on the floor. Next, you straighten your legs and let your toes rest on the floor.
Now, you contract your entire abs for 5 seconds. Do not hold your breath. Take your time to build up to 1 minute slowly.

Do 5 reps. 

6.Stationary Wall Squats.
Rest against the wall. Keep your lower back off the wall. Press your upper back against the wall.Look forward.

Now lower your body slowly using only your thighs. Hold for a 5 seconds.Try to hold for longer period. Aim to hold for 30 seconds.

And then slowly raise back to the starting position. Do 5-10 reps.

There you have it.
The weight-free exercises for seniors.
Remember to stretch these muscles after your workout to prevent any cramps and injuries.

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