Why Must You Use A Exercise Log Sheet? The 3 Little Known Benefits.

Are you not making progress at the moment? Then use a exercise log sheet. But why bother using one?

Here are the three little known benefits why you need to bother.

  1. Weight Loss.
    It is widely known in the fitness. The higher the basal metabolic rate leads to more calories burned.
    Even while you are sleeping. This leads to more effective weight loss.

    But how do you start with your weight loss program?

    For starter, start eating the right foods.
    And always do cardio(aerobic exercise), strength and at least 15 minutes of flexibility exercises.

    But how to you know that you are doing your exercises?
    Plan and record them down on an exercise log.

    It keeps you motivated.

    That is how you do it. Are there anything a exercise log can do?

    Yes. There is benefit no 2.

  2. General and Sports specific fitness goals.
    The exercise log is useful to plan your exercises, record and track which exercises produce the desired results.

    In order to get the best results. You will have to know when to adjust exercises and estimate how long it takes to reach your fitness goals.
    But always be patient. You don't always get the results you want in the next few sport conditioning exercises sessions.

  3. Body Building.
    Smart move. But few will even use it.
    Why? Because many think that they hit the gym.  They pump some weights or iron. They will get big and puff.

    The truth is that. To really build “show” muscles requires planned exercises, proper nutrition and lot of sleep.

    By recording and tracking the exercises you do,it helps you be more aware of how well you are doing or not well you are doing.

    There you have it.
    On why you must use a exercises log sheet.

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