How to Build Strong Back with These Best Back Exercises

Are you ready to learn the best back exercises?


But first why build strong back? What are the benefits of having strong back muscles?

Because strong back muscles generate more force as compare with weak back muscles.How much force can your back generate?

Your back generate enough force to lift your entire body.
And that force of lifting your entire body have some real life applications.Other that looking good.

But why do we forget to strengthen it?

Because the back is not seen in the mirror and most of the time it doesn't feel anything.Besides, the front view of our body is more visible and attractive to many.Thus, we forget to place more emphasis on strengthen the back.

Until something remind us.
The reminder could be in the form of your aching lower back,from lifting stuff off the ground. Or your shoulder blades hurt after some forceful arm swings.

Here are the benefits of having strong back.

  • It helps in your daily tasks.
  • It makes you look more attractive to the opposite sex.Why? Because a "S" curve posture is always look better than a"C" shape posture.
  • It also prevent shoulders, upper and lower back injuries.

Now here are the 8 best back exercises.
Most of these exercises require minimum equipments. So you do them at home.

Let us start the ball rolling.

1.Rope Climbing.
What? Rope Climbing? Yes, rope climbing is a great exercise for strengthen the back.
This exercise can be a tricky for most. But it will take some time to learn this.
Once you learn it. Working out is a breeze.

2.Transverse Swing.(aka monkey bar.)
This exercise requires you to climb the horizontal ladder. You can find this in any fitness corner.

All you have to do is to mount the ladder with your hands. And you swing to the next pole after the next until you reach the end of the ladder.

3.Pull Up.
The pull up exercise is one of the best back exercises hall of fame. The best exercise to access the strength of the back.

It uses the body-weight for resistance. If you can do more than 10 reps. You can consider adding weights to your pull-ups.

Pull up
Pull up complete

If you find this exercise very challenging. You try do hang at the bar for a minute or you jump up the bar and slowly release on the way down.After you are done this for a while.Test how many pull ups you can do.

If you do not have a pull up bar. You can use the top of your door. Just remember wedge the door firmly and place a thick towel to protect your hands.

The alternative is to do chin up.A chin up is that you turn your palms inward.

Best Back Exercises no...

4.Inverted Row.
This exercise works the same as pull up minus the stress from the pull up.
Therefore, it is excellent for beginner. Why? Because the bar is slightly lower than the waist line.
You can found this at any fitness corner.You can use a table if you do not have a bar.

Just make sure that your arms has sufficient space to straighten when you are doing the exercise.

How do you do this exercise?

Grab the bar with both hands and rest your heels on the ground.
Next, you pull your body up. Until your chin reach touch the bar. Lastly, slowly lower your body back to the starting position.

Here is how I use do inverted row with a dip bar.

Inverted row
Inverted row complete

5.The Back Row.
There are three variation to this exercise.

---The seated row
There are two ways to do this exercise. First is to use a seated row machine.
The other way is to use resistance bands. We will learn how to use resistance bands, to do this exercise. As resistance bands are affordable and compact to use at home.

First, find a sturdy object in your home. Loop the resistance bands around the sturdy object. Next, grab onto the handles of the bands. Sit or stand and pull the resistance bands back. And then return back to starting position. If you like to see how it is done.

---The bent over row
There are three ways to this exercise. First is with the barbell. Second is with dumbbells. Third is with resistance bands.

Since we are focus on how to use minimum equipment to exercise your back. We will learn how to use resistance bands.

First, step onto the bands. Next, grab onto the handles and bend over so that you see the floor. And lastly pull the bands all the way to the back.

If you find that it is too easy.It is time to buy new bands.

---The Door Row

This is a simple exercise that you can do it right at home. All you have to do is to open the door halfway. Next, your hands grip onto the doorknobs and bend your knees at 90 degrees. And then pull your body towards the door.

Door Row
Door row complete

Here are three best back exercises to strength the lower back. And prevent the back from becoming hunch back or a capital "C".
You can do these exercises daily.

6.The Dog and Birds.
This exercise strengthens the lower back. With less stress than the back extension.

To do this exercise,
First, raise your left arm and right leg. Straighten them and hold for a few seconds. Next slowly lower your arm and leg back to the starting position.
Do a 4-5 reps on each side. And repeat on the other side.

Best Back Exercises no...

7.The Cat Flex.
To this exercise, get rest your knees and hands on the floor.
Next, flex your stomach into the center of your body. Lastly, relax and let your lower back sway.

Do this in one fluid motion. Do 8-10 reps.

Cat crunc
Cat crunch complete

8.Side Plank.
Rest your left side next rest your elbow next slowly straighten your body and hold for 5 to 8 seconds.
Do 4 reps.
Repeat on the other side.

There you have it.The 8 best back exercises.

Now you know how to strengthen your back from the comfort of your own home.
Do you think it is time for your back to be strong?

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